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• Earth Wind & Solar is proud to be one of very few companies to offer in-house financing. This allows our clients to simply and seamlessly install a solar system with payments that are affordable because the payment is usually very close to what you are paying your utility company now. The choice becomes very simple, make a payment to the utility or make that same payment on your very own solar power plant.. 

• Only Earth Wind & Solar offers financing to those with less than perfect credit history, if you have been denied at other financial institutions do not give up, Call Earth Wind & Solar and see how easy and affordable solar can be! Ask about our low, low rates.

• Today's solar systems pay for themselves in 3-5 years with a payment that is similar or even lower than what you pay the utility now. Imagine 3-5 years from now you could be off the utility treadmill without breaking your current monthly budget. 

• When you purchase solar from Earth Wind & Solar, YOU not the solar company get all incentives,  rebates and Green Tags(SRECS).

• Do not Lease your solar system! before seeing the difference with Earth Wind & Solar.

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