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Residential Solar Installation

Earth Wind & Solar is the most innovative solar company in the Central Valley! 

What defines innovative:

1. No need to negotiate a great deal, find our price list on this site and compare with any installer available to you. We believe that shopping for solar should be that simple! Solar made easy!

2. Alternatives to roof mount systems. We understand that not everyone wants or can accommodate a solar array on the roof; we have designed several roof mount alternatives so you can choose the best option for your residence. These include RV covers, Pool Cabanas and Charging Trees. 

3. Our "In-house" philosophy includes financing that is available to virtually everyone regardless of credit history. Rates are competitive and often lower than any other source of financing. This makes it simple and seemless to go solar without breaking your budget. 


Solar Panels for Your Home

With many different structures available, we're sure to have a system that's perfect for your home. Some of our structures include:

• Roof Mounts

• Ground Mounts

• Charging Trees

• Solar Arches

• Fenceline Panels

• Veranda

• Cabana



We also offer custom installations of any of our structures to ensure we meet all of your needs.

Increase your property value with the installation of simple and seemless solar Array's from Earth Wind & Solar of Central California.

We will also help you secure a solar installation rebate to lower expense where available*


Installation Services

It's our goal to make the installation of your solar energy system as simple as possible. We begin by making an appointment to meet with you for about one hour. During this consultation, we assess your solar needs, we learn your budget and what you want to accomplish, as well as provide you with all the information you need and a price quote.

Contact us Now, to request a quote for your residential solar installation