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Commercial Solar Installation & Energy Efficiency Throughout Central California

Panels, Commercial Solar Panels in Coarsegold, CA

Increase your business's energy efficiency and lower your power bills with the installation of our commercial solar throughout Central California. Earth Wind & Solar has engineered many customized structures for business', such as:

• Ground Mounts • Rooftop Panels • Parking Structures • Solar Trees

When you hire us to manage your solar power plant design and engineering development, we typically deliver services in three phases: site assessments, project designs, and financial analyses.

Site Assessments

To yield a full understanding of the project site, client objectives, and interconnection requirements, we conduct the following tasks as part of the initial phase:
• Technology Assessment & Selection
• Pre-Site Analysis & Planning

• Utility Interconnection Requirements Analysis
• Preliminary Financial Modeling

Motel, Commercial Solar Panels in Coarsegold, CA

Project Designs

We ensure that we create the best possible design for your project by considering all of the following sources of information:
• Energy Market Reports
• Facility Gap Analyses
• Regional Distribution Schemas
• Preliminary Bills of Materials

• Preliminary Testing & Diagnostics
• Preliminary Interconnection Plans
• Preliminary Engineering, Procurement,
  & Construction Plans

At this time, we also evaluate alternative offtake potential and construct a detailed financial model with a sensitivity analysis for go/no-go decisions.

Solar Panels, Energy Efficiency in Coarsegold, CA

Financial Analyses

The final phase includes evaluations of the full life-cycle project cost, financial returns, and investment analysis. It also outlines a complete project plan that covers:

• Finalizations of Project Scale
• Final Technology Selections & Engineering
• Final Bills of Materials
• Procurement & Construction Plans
• Operations & Maintenance Plans

• Preparations of Construction Financing Proposals
• Preparations of Tax Equity Investor Initial
  Margins (IMs)
• Preparations of Cash Equity IMs (if Necessary)

We are also proficient calculating the return on investment of your solar power system, so you can trust that you're making a smart choice.

Solar Incentives

Rely on our experts to help you navigate through all the state, federal, and utility-based rebate programs for solar power and renewable energy systems. We have calculated, applied for, and managed the rebate process for many commercial clients, and are ready to help you.
Contact us in Central California, to request a quote for your commercial solar panels to improve your property's energy efficiency.